Device Protection Plan featuring AppleCare Services ($14.95)

With Device Protection Plan featuring AppleCare Services, there’s no need to worry if something happens to your device. If your device is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, or experiences a malfunction (whether in-warranty or out-of-warranty), you can repair or replace it for a non-refundable deductible, which varies based on the original retail price of your device and your fulfillment method. With AppleCare Services, for the first 24 months of enrollment you get service and support directly from Apple for accidental damage from handling and in-warranty malfunction. After your initial 24 months is over, you continue to be protected from loss, theft, and accidental damage, and you will also be covered against out-of-warranty malfunction. For more details, see the complete terms and conditions, including all fees.

You choose which nonprofits receive our $150,000 monthly donation.

Your purchase helps CREDO donate $150,000 each month to nonprofits supporting climate justice, economic justice, civil rights and more.

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CREDO is a wonderful company! They have always been very helpful when I needed it, and the price is competitive for the services you get. I feel much better giving my money to a company that works to help the world instead of one that is just out to make a profit for themselves.

-Julia B.

I have been a member of or working with CREDO Mobile and its predecessor Working Assets for 25 years. My phone company gave over 2 million dollars last year to nonprofits. Did yours? Or do you even know? Do you even care? I think most of us do. I have found a way to put my money where my mouth is and that is why I am a staunch advocate for CREDO Mobile.

-Jeannine C.

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