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Do you have a device you love? Bring it to CREDO Mobile.

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(If you’re a current CREDO Mobile customer and would like to BYOD to an existing line, give us a call at 800-411-0848.)

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How to find your IMEI/MEID. For iphone: 1. go to settings > general > about. 2. scroll down and locate your IMEI number. For Android: 1. go to settings > about phone. 2. locate your IMEI number.

Locating Your IMEI / MEID

Our Bring Your Own Device program is compatible with iPhone 6 or newer models and select Android devices. Here’s how to locate your IMEI and/or your MEID:

On an iPhone

1. Go to Settings > General > About
2. Scroll down and locate your IMEI and/or MEID number

On an Android device

1. Go to Settings > About phone
2. Locate your IMEI number

Note: Please enter in either your IMEI or MEID number, not your digital IMEI.